Ever since we learned that our favorite, combative Teen Mom 2 star is pregnant for the third time, we’ve been asking the same question:

Who is Kailyn Lowry’s baby daddy exactly?!

It goes without saying that the fact that she won’t reveal this – while living a very public life online and on reality TV – has fueled speculation.

Every day, in corners of the Internet near and far, fans of Lowry are parsing every tweet and word she utters, while scouring for clues.

This has actually been effective at times.

Below, we break down all the men linked to Kailyn in the weeks since she revealed she’s expecting, ranked by likelihood of impending fatherhood.

1. Chris Lopez

For starters, sources close to the 25-year-old reality star have identified the baby daddy as “a friend Kail was briefly dating,” which would seem to place him ahead of other candidates, with whom she merely had flings, if that (see persons #2 and #3 below). Then there’s this tweet, posted by Lopez back in January: “To my miracle child, I’m so sorry.” The only person to like the tweet (which has since been deleted)? Lowry. She also referred to “Chris” holding their hypothetical baby Holden, when a fan suggested that as a possible name, and, at another point, she called the unborn child “Baby Lo.” Altogether, it’s easy to see why he’s the consensus pick in many fans’ eyes.

2. Tyler Hill

Tyler Hill, also known as Ty Jennings, is a classmate of Kailyn Lowry’s at Delaware State University, and the same guy who caused a fight between Kailyn and Javi Marroquin back when they were still married because Javi was suspicious of their relationship. No wonder he emerged as a leading candidate when the baby daddy sweepstakes began to heat up.

3. JC Cueva

JC Cueva, a producer on Teen Mom 2 who works on Kailyn’s MTV segments, was one of the first people linked to Lowry romantically after she got pregnant. That relationship, or lack thereof, has been shot down by pretty much all parties involved, although even if it were true that he got her pregnant, he would have a pretty good reason to lie – keeping his job and all. Because the format of Teen Mom entails producers interacting with the cast, and often appearing on camera themselves, JC is certainly the most visible of Kailyn’s (rumored) suitors … but does that make him the dad?

4. Cabrell

Now we’re starting to reach a little bit. A fan recently contacted Lowry to ask if some dude named “Cabrell” is responsible for the son or daughter growing in her womb. Research indicates that Cabrell is another student at Delaware State University, the same school from which Lowry is slated to graduate this coming May. It’s not clear what Cabrell looks like, or if that’s his first name or his last name, but this time, Kailyn wasted no time in setting this record straight, replying as follows: “no wtf.” Okay then.

5. Jordan Wenner

Jordan Wenner, whom Kailyn met and dated years ago, may be familiar to fans of Teen Mom 2, as he appeared often in early seasons after Kail and Jo Rivera split up. Not surprisingly, as he is a man who once had a real relationship with Lowry, even he has been mentioned as a speculative baby daddy in 2017.

6. Jo Rivera

While this would make for one of the all-time scandals, and they have been getting along so much better lately compared to years past (and even compared to Kailyn and her ex-husband, below), it’s not happening. Chances that Jo Rivera – the father of Kailyn’s first-born son Isaac – stepped out on his fiancee Vee Torres, had an affair with Kailyn and got Lowry a second time would be only slightly more believable than the father being …

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