Teen Mom OG premieres a brand new season tonight on MTV, and there will be no shortage of drama and heartache when it arrives.

The Fab Four: Maci Bookout, Catelynn Lowell, Amber Portwood and the terror that is Farrah Abraham are back and better than ever.

It’s hard to know where to begin with the super-tease released by MTV (above), but the one moment that stands out most has to be this:

Maci Bookout’s longtime ne’er-do-well ex Ryan Edwards got engaged to Mackenzie Standifer. Yes, someone agreed to marry Ryno!

Of course, we already know that Mackenzie is pissed at MTV producers for how she’s being portrayed … before the first episode airs.

It’s not clear why, but the Mack is far from alone in taking that angle … she and Jeremy Calvert should team up on a podcast or something.

Meanwhile, we hear from Maci in the trailer that Ryan’s parents are “selfish,” while his dad says he doesn’t “need her freakin’ opinion!”

Maci cries that she’s “tired of dealing with sh-t, wondering if today’s going to be the day he does something he can’t come back from.”

Speaking of cast member dads … there is Butch. Oye.

Butch, of course, needs no introduction if you watch Teen Mom OG online, though Tyler Baltierra’s dad should be in rare form this season.

When he talks about starting his day by snorting lines of coke, that can only spell major trouble for Tyler, and by extension wife Catelynn.

Those two are going through a lot as it is, regardless.

“Do you believe I’m not going to leave you?” Tyler asks at one point, and the way things have been going, do we want to know her answer?

“We’ve been together for 11 years,” Cate laments.

“And It’s f-cking stressful, and we got on each other’s f-cking nerves and I want to leave and I cry ’cause he hurts my feelings.”

In the end, Cate and Ty have been through so many ups and downs that we have to think they’ll last. Amber and Matt on the other hand …

Incredibly, Leah’s mom and Gary Shirley’s ex still seems to be intent on marrying Matt Baier, he of the 20-year age gap and 7-9 kids. 

And the history of drug use, and Teen Mom super fandom that led him to quasi-cyber stalk Jenelle and Farrah before landing Amber.

The most telling quote of the entire OG trailer:

“You can love each other and want to be with each other for the rest of your life and still not trust each other,” Ambs says at one point.

Given that Matt has more skeletons than just about every graveyard in Indiana, so perhaps she should ruminate on that a little longer.

Finally, there is Farrah Abraham. Goodness.

Words fail us at this point, but she can be seen in the preview yelling at her parents for no reason at all, which is standard for Farrah.

Abraham also gets snubbed by Amber, Catelynn, and Maci on their much-discussed trip to Puerto Rico, which ought to be something.

The trailer does include some sweet moments, too, such as Catelynn and Tyler’s daughter Novalee celebrating her second birthday.

Farrah also has a birthday party for her daughter, which involves little Sophia painting a pony and that’s kind of weird, but whatever.

Will this be the season Ryan gets it together, Amber gets married, Cate and Tyler reach a happier place, and Farrah … who knows?

We’ll find out starting tonight on MTV. 

Source: celebweddings