There was a period of time there when Chris Pratt and Anna Faris were the ultimate celebrity couple.

Now? Not so much.

But for a good few years there, they were adorable, funny, and so incredibly lovable together.

It was truly magical.

Then, last month, they were sued for animal neglect, and it really just put a big damper on the whole thing.

The sad story, just in case you didn’t hear or have blocked it from your tender mind, was that Chris and Anna adopted a dog from an animal shelter, then gave the dog away without informing the shelter.

That’s against the rules, and since the dog was found wandering the streets and emaciated, it was extra against the rules.

Anna had signed a contract with the shelter stating that she agreed to give the dog back to the shelter if she could no longer care for it, she didn’t do that, and now they owe the shelter $5,000.

And if that wasn’t bad enough, the whole mess brought up the fact that back in 2011, Chris gave their 15-year-old cat away. On Twitter.

“Bottom line,” he wrote at the time, “and not that this is any of your f-cking business weirdos, but my wife and I want to start a family and we ABSOLUTELY CANNOT have an animal that sh-ts all over the house.”

“Sorry. If you are a parent you will understand. And if not, that probably explains why you have such a hard on for cats. Just sayin’.”

He sounds like such a heartless dick there, right?

Anyway, the point is that Chris and Anna used to be great, now they’re not, and so we can’t help but feel kind of “eh” about this new interview Anna did.

Well, it was not so much an interview as it was a little chat with Isla Fisher on her podcast, but the subject was cheating rumors and marriage woes.

Anna revealed that she and Chris “grapple with a lot of the ideas of being a public couple,” and things got hard last year when “there was some tabloid rumors about strain in our relationship.”

Remember that? It was when Chris was filming Passengers with Jennifer Lawrence, and there were rumors upon rumors that they were having an affair.

Which, come on, of course there were rumors. Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence, could you even imagine?

Anna told Isla that “I just remember feeling so hurt in a way that bothered me, because I didn’t want to think of myself as somebody who could be affected by tabloid sh-t.”

“I take pride in how great my relationship is with Chris,” she explained, “but having said that, of course, in this crazy world where he’s off doing movies and I’m in L.A. raising our child, of course I’m going to feel vulnerable, like any normal human would.”

Sadly, she said all the rumors made her feel “incredibly insecure.”

Aww, Anna! It’s unfortunate that she’d feel so bad about rumors that are so rarely based in truth.

But if it’s any consolation to her, there’s a good chance that, after all this unfortunate animal news, there probably aren’t that many people who’d want to sleep with her husband anyway.

Source: celebweddings