Chelsea Houska is absolutely adorable.

She’s adorable, her parents are adorable, her husband is adorable, her kids are adorable … you get the picture.

It’s all so cute and so good, all of it.

And so while the shenanigans she gets up to in this new sneak peek from next week’s episode of Teen Mom 2 might not look all that great, well …

We can look at it with humor, because the Housk has it together.

And because hey, hasn’t everyone had to hide a blow-up doll with a penis from their child? Are we right people? Hello? Anyone?

It’s not explicitly stated, but it looks like in this clip, Chelsea and her friends are preparing for a little bachelorette party for her.

Ahead of her wedding to Cole DeBoer, the friends come over and give her a gift bag, and she promptly pulls out the blow-up doll.

She is very, very excited about it. A little too excited, perhaps.

But while the ladies in Chelsea’s life are super psyched to get into all that bachelorette tomfoolery, they forget one small problem:

Aubree is still home, waiting to leave for her grandma’s house.

And listen, you simply haven’t lived until you’ve heard a group of women try to explain an anatomically correct-ish blow-up doll to a first grader.

Check out the hilarious sneak preview clip below and watch Teen Mom 2 online to catch up on the current, awesome season to date …

Source: celebweddings