It’s been less than a week since we heard of the terrible, totally unexpected breakup that Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna have endured.

And by “totally unexpected,” obviously we mean “long overdue and possibly just a shameless grab at attention.”

But still, the story is that Chyna and Rob are done, they’ve been done for a while, and it’s official this time.

There were just too many issues between them, we’ve heard and also witnessed.

And when Chyna packed up all her belongings, grabbed the baby and left Rob right before Christmas, that was just something they couldn’t overcome.

Another thing that possibly came between these two crazy kids?

Well, if we’re to believe this report from OK magazine, Chyna’s unhealthy obsession with Kanye West, husband of Kim Kardashian and therefore Rob’s brother-in-law, couldn’t have been too good for the relationship.

A Chyna insider (can you imagine?) explains that “She’s always found him highly attractive and has told a number of gal pals that she’d sleep with him in a heartbeat.”

This is Chyna finding Kanye attractive, not Rob. We understand, it’s hard to keep up with this family.

“For months she’s been cooking up ways to spend more time with him, hoping to make a move when Kim’s not around.”

“Poor Rob had no idea,” the source continues, “he’s been played like a total fool by Chyna, who’s been laughing at him behind his back the whole time they were together and openly going after other men.”

“But hitting on Kanye was a low blow even by her standards.”

Oh, where do we even begin with this?

Sadly, none of this is unbelievable. Those leaked texts between Chyna and her friend seemed to prove the bit about her laughing at Rob behind his back.

Remember, she called him “fat, lazy, and insecure,” and told her friend that she’d give him one year before she took Dream and ran all the way to the bank with that Kardashian money.

And we’ve definitely seen her with men that weren’t Rob, even before they reportedly split.

We hate to say it, but Blac Chyna seems like quite the opportunist when it comes to the men she pursues — so much so that she felt comfortable dating Rob, her ex’s new girlfriend’s big brother.

So is it really such a stretch to think she’d set her sights on Kanye? He’s rich and famous, and she’d still be keeping it in the family.

Sure, Kanye would be an extra awful choice, considering that he’s not only married with children, but he’s also not in the best place emotionally these days.

Oh, and he’s also her best friend’s ex-boyfriend.

But it’s Blac Chyna we’re talking about. Is anything really off limits?

Source: celebweddings