It’s all over for Tyga and Kylie Jenner.

This much we know. For the most part.

But the break-up of this power couple took fans by surprise last month, considering their relative stability for several weeks prior and the talk that wedding bells could even be in the air for Kylie and Tyga.

What changed?

How did they go from Sure Thing to No Thing so quickly?

Based on the Instagram account of Demi Rose Mawby, some Internet users now believe they have an answer.

And it’s a pretty simple one that goes something like this:

Tyga cheated on Jenner with Demi Rose Mawby.

Mawby is a 22-year old model from Great Britain who struck up a brief romance with the rapper in May of last year, during one of Tyga and Kylie’s many breaks in 2016.

They met at a party in Cannes and “we really liked each other,” Mawby admitted to the Sun. “But logistically it didn’t work out in the end… you know, everything happens for a reason.”

Demi, who has appeared in music videos with DJ Khaled and Chris Brown, has been uploading more photos than usual to her social media page of late, however.

And these aren’t just your basic, run-of-the-mill selfies, either.

They show off Mawby’s cleavage and some even include hearts drawn over various parts of the model’s body.

Is this influx of sexy photos a mere coincidence? Or is Mawby basically seducing Tyga online?

Is she confirming that she and the annoying artist have rekindled their romance?

Neither Tyga nor Jenner has said much about this pause in their relationship, but an insider tells People Magazine that it may very well be nothing to get concerned over.

It’s sort of just how the stars roll.

“They tend to take little breaks all the time and then get back together. It’s definitely possible they’ll work things out again,” said this source last week.

A second recent report, meanwhile, lands somewhere in between.

It claims that Tyga and Kylie aren’t doing great, but aren’t totally broken up, either.

“Kylie is sad as she and Tyga are living separate lives,” an insider tells Hollywood Life, adding:

“Lately she has been spending more time with friends and less time with Tyga, as things really are cooling off between them.”

If this rumor about Tyga banging Demi Rose Mawby is accurate, we have a feeling things will go from cool to ICE COLD.

Then again, we could be making too much out of Mawby’s new round of Instagram photos.

She does have over four million followers. And it’s not because she writes messages of hope or sings online or does anything except flaunt her nearly-naked body on a frequent basis.

Yes, these pictures have been even more frequent of late.

And we’re a celebrity gossip website; of course we’re going to ask questions and speculate.

But we’ll keep fans apprised on whether or not Mawby is back in Tyga’s bed once again once we do some more research.

On a related note: How did Tyga ever land this beauty even one time?!?

Seriously. How did that happen?!?

Source: celebweddings