The race is on, folks.

Who will be the first Duggar to welcome a child in 2018?

Three of the women in the family are pregnant, and it may seem like there’s a clear frontrunner–but far from receiving a gold medal, the odds-on favorite might be roundly ostracized if she delivers first. 

Allow us to explain.

The first of the pregnant Duggars to announce that she’s expecting was Joy-Anna, who revealed her baby bump just three months after marrying Austin Forsyth.

Not surprisingly, the timing resulted in a preponderance of “shotgun wedding” rumors.

If Joy delivers well ahead of schedule (as many fans believe she will), it could result in a minor scandal, as her family prohibits all forms of premarital sex.

Needless to say, of all the pregnant Duggars, Joy is the one attracting the most attention these days,

Next up is Kendra Caldwell, who’s currently pregnant with Joseph Duggar’s baby

Kendra announced last month that she’s expecting, but it’s not clear how far along she is.

There haven’t been any shotgun rumors there, but Kendra is still keeping pretty quiet about the details of her pregnancy.

(Well, “quiet” by the standards of Duggar sisters, who have been known to post weekly “bump selfies” on their Instagram pages.)

Of course, there’s always greater interest in the Duggar daughters than in the sons or their wives, so it should come as no surprise that Kendra’s thunder was effectively stolen when Jinger Duggar announced that she’s expecting her first child.

Now, this isn’t on par with Jana Duggar announcing she’s in a courtship, but it’s still news that the Duggar faithful have waiting for for quite some time.

Jinger married Jeremy Vuolo way back in November of 2016, which means she was married for over a year before she got pregnant.

That’s almost unheard of in a family in which women are taught from a young age that procreation is their primary reason for being.

Jinger is also more active on social media than Kendra, so she’s likely to retain her place in the spotlight.

As for the question of who will deliver first … well, the smart money is on Joy-Anna, and if it happens in the next couple weeks, buckle in for what should be some memorable Duggar drama.

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