Because we’re all so focused on how cruel or apathetic she is toward the endlessly-patient members of her inner circle, we often forget that Farrah Abraham is more than just a vicious daughter and a negligent mother.

She’s also one of the weirdest human beings to ever be featured on a reality show, which is really saying something.

Take Farrah’s downright bizarre relationship with her 8-year-old daughter, Sophia, for example.

In the past, Farrah has spoken about Sophia’s future sex tape with joyous optimism.

She’s been criticized for posting inappropriate photos of Sophia on her social media pages.

She even allowed Sophia to have a Snapchat account, a move that predictably resulted in the grade schooler interacting with strangers late at night.

(Administrators eventually stepped in and disabled Sophia’s account.)

Now, Farrah has revealed that Sophia is essentially her life coach, and that she allows the third grader to make major life decisions on her behalf.

Asked about her relationship with ex-boyfriend Simon Saran in a recent interview, Farrah replied:

“I’m not allowed to talk to him because Sophia doesn’t like him.”

Yes, 8-year-old Sophia doesn’t allow her mother to talk to Simon.

That’s very strange, but it’s possible that Farrah was just making a joke about the strength of her daughter’s personality.

Or it would be possible … were it not for the fact that Farrah went on to blame Sophia for her fractured relationship with her own mother.

As you may have heard, Farrah will not be attending Debra Danielsen’s wedding in November.

At first, Farrah chalked the decision up to her disapproval of Deb’s fiance.

But now, it seems she’s lost her nerve and decided it’s easier to blame her daughter for the heartless snub.

“Sophia doesn’t really want a relationship with my mom but I’m still trying to make sure that she is around and keep that relationship is surviving and alive,” Farrah told E! News.

“With my mom’s wedding right now it’s made Sophia not want to be around her. I’m kind of stuck in the middle trying to have everyone get along. Sophie is not approving of it but I am happy for [my mom] and supportive.

Yes, we’re sure it’s Sophia who decided her grandmother’s new beau simply does not live up to the standards of the wealthy Abraham clan.

Anyone who’s ever spent time with 8-year-old knows what snobby elitists they can be.

In case it’s not apparent, we’re being sarcastic, and Farrah is the worst for blaming her daughter for her trainwreck of a personal life.

Farrah concluded the interview by doing that infuriating thing where she pretends she’s some sort of Zen-like earth-mother, even though she’s clearly seething with bitter rage at all times:

“We just try to keep it cordial,” Farrah said of her relationship with her mother.

“I think my daughter and I are having the times of our lives together right now.”

Hmm … We’ll see if Sophia’s future therapist agrees with that assessment.

Watch Teen Mom: OG online to be reminded of just how bad Farrah is at this whole parenting thing.

Source: celebweddings