Farrah Abraham is one of those celebrities who will live her life in front of the cameras for as long as she possibly can. 

Currently, she’s a regular on Teen Mom OG, but that has not stopped her from appearing on multiple other reality series.

Most recently, however, the rude reality star recently made headlines for her stint on Marriage Boot Camp

Now, we know Farrah has a knack for speaking her mind, but her comments are generally disgusting.

It makes us wonder what fans find so appealing about her. 

The comments on Marriage Boot Camp she made were racist, calling Chad Johnson’s mother Paula a “black piece of sh-t” after a heated argument.

Those comments were a prime example of how much of a horrible human being Farrah portrays herself to be. Is this all an act for the cameras?

It could be, but we have no idea.

We’re not even sure Farrah sits down to watch herself on TV to see how crazy and downright rude she comes across.

We’re not entirely shocked to be reporting on the news that Farrah has boarded a new MTV International reality series and it will focus dating. 

The series is titled Single AF.

It will follow a group of MTV stars worldwide who are as single as Farrah. We’re kidding about that last part, of course, but we can’t imagine why anyone would want to give Farrah the time of day. 

It will not play out linearly on TV and will air on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and Twitter

“Single AF will take celebrities on a live social quest for love around the world that fans can follow and weigh in on over social,” the Viacom unit said.

“The catch? The singles must be up for anything and willing to play the dating game ‘the MTV way’.”

Celebrities slated to appear include:

– Irish pop band Jedward

– MTV U.K.’s Geordie Shore star Marnie Simpson

– English YouTube star Elliot Crawford

– Australian drag star Courtney

– London boy band alum Casey Johnson

The network said in a statement:

“The singles will face everything from bizarre love theories (e.g., “Can you date someone who looks like your mother?”) to asking their followers to make suggestions on who to date and even participate in the game on social.”

At the end of the series, each of the seven will take their top date to a European villa to assess whether the relationship would work. 

You can follow it across social media from June 26 to July 10. 

Source: celebweddings