Those of you who keep up with The Bachelorette spoilers know already, but Rachel Lindsay has yet to reveal to the public who her fiance is. She doesn’t want to spoil the finale, of course.

Now that she’s found the man of her dreams on reality television, however, people are wondering if she’ll take the plunge and commit to starring on an ongoing reality series.

Like, say, The Real Housewives of Dallas. And Rachel Lindsay already knows her answer, as you’ll see in the video below!

Her answer isn’t no.

Not quite, anyway — she does start out by saying “no.”

And then she backtracks.

See, Rachel Lindsay values a degree of privacy during her everyday life.

That might sound bonkers coming from someone who just found her fiance on a reality show.

(Though, if you’ll recall, at one point Rachel Lindsay wanted to quit The Bachelorette rather than go on and make her decision — though we’re sure that she’s glad that she stuck with it)

But the way that she explains it, a reluctance to appear on The Real Housewives of Dallas or a similar show is totally sensible.

It’s about priorities, really.

She starts her answer to the Housewives question, however, by acknowledging that she’d surprised herself by being The Bachelorette.

“No. No. … I said I would never do reality TV, yet, here I am.”

That’s almost a record for how quickly someone walked back a “no” by immediately acknowledging that people shouldn’t count her out just because she says that she isn’t interested.

Then she starts explaining why The Real Housewives of Dallas, for the moment, might not be the best place for her.

“But I kind of don’t want my personal life to be, you know, out there so much.”

It’s hard to get more personal than a show where you sort through an array of guys to find the man of your dreams, but she does get more specific.

Housewives is a little different. You’ll know where I live, you’ll know what I drive, you’ll know who I hang out with.”

That makes sense.

There’s a difference between appearing on location for a season and broadcasting your everyday life to the world.

“I like to keep that secret.”

Totally understandable.

After mocking the Real Housewives intro gimmicks and catchphrases, Rachel does admit that she’d be great in the role:

“I really am. I secretly am a Housewife.”

Does this mean that Rachel Lindsay is done with reality television altogether?

“I mean, I hate to — never say never.”

Her interviewer tries to push her to appear on Dancing With The Stars.

“I do love to dance.”

She appears to be a little reluctant — possibly at the prospect of doing so much hard, physical work and performing for so many people.

(That gives a lot of celebrities pause)

“I’m a never-say-never type person, so we’ll see.”

Right now, however, she has other priorities.

“I want to be with my fiance.”


We’ve all seen relationships wither and die while being broadcast over reality television.

That’s almost certainly what caused the famous split between Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey.

Omnipresent cameras so early into their relationship also prompted Laura Bushnell and Ben Higgins’ breakup, and that was way more recent.

If the secret to a healthy relationship is honesty and communication, then not being able to speak to your loved one in private is going to kill a marriage.

Maybe even before you ever say “I do.”

Rachel Lindsay is playing it smart.

She’s already caused some heartbreak — she doesn’t need any for herself.

Watch her fun interview!

Source: celebweddings