Teen Mom 2’s Javi Marroquin just got an insane new tattoo, which fans naturally assume is a likeness of his former wife Kailyn Lowry.

Why would you make that kind of assumption as a fan?

Given their past, why wouldn’t you is more like it!

The father of Kailyn’s son Lincoln shared a photo of his latest tattoo – he’s got a lot of them, and they’re elaborate – on Instagram Monday.

The U.S. Air Force member captioned his photo:

“Trying to get all these unfinished pieces done.”

“My man @mikemaratattoo never fails,” he added, giving a shout out to his friend and ink artiste. “Finishing my back next @aggressiontattoo.”

He included needle and high-five hands emojis.

Of course, Teen Mom 2 fans couldn’t help but notice (or imagine) that the woman inked on his body looks a lot like his ex-wife of four years:

Yeah … his fans may be a little delusional.

We heard this the last time Javi got a tattoo of Kailyn, supposedly … and that time, it looked a lot more (although not entirely) like Lowry.

The basic reason we’re so skeptical is this:

Why would he get a tattoo of his ex-wife, given that Marroquin hates Lowry (his words, albeit in jest, and qualifying that he also respects her)?

It just makes no sense, especially that he’s dating Cassie Bucka … which leads us to the alternate theory that she’s the inked likeness.

Here’s his other “Kailyn” tat for reference …

Yeah. The guy loves his enormous tattoos.

That much we can say without controversy or debate. Ditto the fact that Javi and Kailyn are never, ever getting back together. Like, ever.

The former couple announced back in May that they would divorce after both parties accused each other of cheating on social media.

Communication? Not their strong suit.

Through it all, they seem to be doing better these days, which is great for their kids. Javi recently shared this outlook for life after divorce.

“I’m a family man,” he said, adding that he’ll always be there for Kailyn as a co-parent, and “I want to get married again. I want more kids.”

Things weren’t always on good terms.

In her new memoir Hustle & Heart, she blamed Javi’s jealous and controlling nature for the demise of the duo’s marriage after four years.

She still throws shade at her ex, too.

“Remember guys, you have to blast your brand new relationship all over social media or it ain’t real,” she previously wrote in a tweet.

Kailyn quickly deleted that clear shot at Javi going public with Cassie in a deluge of social media pics as soon as the two got together.

One can’t imagine it’s the last time.

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