Jenelle Evans has a lot going on right now, huh?

Her wedding to David Eason is taking place next weekend, if you can even believe it!

There’s also a good chance she’s still adjusting to the number of kids who have come into her home this year: in addition to Kaiser, baby Ensley was born in January, then this summer she and David got custody of his daughter, Maryssa.

She also got that official visitation schedule with Jace, meaning that he’s been around a lot more, too.

It sounds like a lot to handle, right?

And that’s not even touching the absolute mess that is her upcoming custody battle for Kaiser

At the beginning of this month, Nathan Griffith’s mother, Doris Davidson, went to court to intervene in Jenelle’s custody case with Nathan.

According to documents she filed, it would be in Kaiser’s best interest to be placed with her instead of with either of his parents.

The issues she listed included the fact that Jenelle smoked marijuana throughout her last pregnancy, resulting in a positive drug test for Ensley and an investigation by child services.

Doris also claimed that when she visited with Kaiser, he usually had several suspicious bruises on his body, and he even once told her that David had punched him.

On top of that, she insisted that Jenelle was, at best, neglectful — she said that Jace was once lost in the woods for two hours, and that once when she came to the home Kaiser was outside playing by himself.

They were some pretty strong allegations, to say the least.

Jenelle has responded a couple of times, once in a statement in which she blamed her mother, Barbara, for instigating the new custody issues.

Then, in a quickly deleted Twitter rant, she claimed that while CPS had visited her, they were more concerned with Nathan’s behavior.

And in court documents she filed earlier this week, we’re learning that that’s her official stance: it’s all Nathan’s fault.

According to the documents, obtained by Radar Online, Jenelle claimed that in the past, Kaiser has returned from his visits with Nathan “with severe bruising on his buttocks.”

She said that she “attempted to address this concern” with both Nathan and his mother, but they “became hostile, threatening, and rude” to her “and would not maintain a respectful or business-like tone.”

It’s interesting because Doris mentioned this incident in her original filing — in her version, Jenelle did confront her about the bruising and insisted that Nathan was the one responsible.

Doris said she told her that she’d been there with Nathan and Kaiser the entire time and it didn’t happen, and also that she’d been taking pictures of Kaiser after picking him up and dropping him off to document the bruising she’d seen.

So basically both sides here are admitting that Kaiser has been abused, it’s just a question of figuring out who’s responsible.

That poor, sweet little boy …

In Jenelle’s documents, she said that instead of Doris intervening, the agreement should instead be arranged so that she has full custody.

She deserves this, she explained, because Nathan “has pending felony charges resulting from allegations of domestic violence.”

Additionally, Nathan “is often unable to care for the minor child during his designated visitation,” and instead of talking to Jenelle about it beforehand, he lets Kaiser stay with his mother.

And on top of all that, she said that Nathan had violated their custody agreement — particularly the part where they’re both supposed to be respectful of each other.

But, oddly enough, though she complains that he won’t spend time with Kaiser, she’s also upset that he won’t give up a weekend with him when it suits her schedule.

Because next weekend is Nathan’s weekend … but it’s also Jenelle’s wedding. And according to her, he’s not interested in letting Kaiser attend.

The court date to sort this mess out is scheduled for October 2nd.

Should be an eventful day!

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