As the owner of The Honest Company, Jessica Alba cannot tell a lie.

So you know the beauty is spitting the truth when she says the following: 


Alba revealed this exciting piece of information on Monday afternoon, posing for an adorable video with her two daughters in order to alert the world to her condition.

Referencing her husband, Cash Warren, and holding up a balloon alongside nine-year old daughter Honor and five-year old daughter Haven, Alba wrote the following as a caption to the Instagram image below:

“@cash_warren and I are officially going to be outnumbered #babyonboard #herewegoagain #blessed.”

How totally adorable, right?!?

Alba has previously denied multiple pregnancy rumors in the past.

But she may have felt pressured to come out and tell the world about her special state at this juncture because she appeared to be rocking a baby bump while paddle boarding on a recent family vacation to Hawaii.

While wearing a fedora on the trip, Alba was photographed in a sheer white maxi dress over a printed bikini.

An onlooker also told E! News that the beautiful star refrained from drinking any alcohol while relaxing on the beach with her husband.

The entrepreneur has said in the past that she’s very busy with her non-toxic household goods company, but that she’s open to having a third child at some point in the future.

“I’m happy with my two girls… Down the road in five or 10 years, who knows, but for right now, I’m good,” Alba said way back in April of 2012.

Fast forward a few years and she said the following to People Magazine about parenthood and what it has made her realize about herself.

“I think maybe being open and curious and trying to better myself,” she told the publication, adding:

“I don’t try to pretend like I have all the answers and I certainly don’t think I’m perfect. So when my kids say something, instead of me being so reactive, I think about how I can be better.”

Warren and Alba have been married since May of 2008.

The husband and wife share parenting duties when it comes to their kids, as it’s clear Warren is quite involved in his daughters’ lives.

Just consider what he wrote about Honor on the occasion of her ninth birthday:

“Having you has taught me how to appreciate the here and now. I can’t afford to wish for tomorrow because I know I’ll miss today. You are kind, thoughtful and fair.

“You are smart, creative and driven. You’re not afraid to lead but more importantly you’re not afraid to listen. Keep it up my champ! You’re doing great.”

Excuse us while we go melt into a million tiny pieces.

Congrats to Jessica Alba and Cash Warren!

Source: celebweddings