After weeks of rumors, several media outlets are now confirming the news that Jinger Duggar is pregnant with her first child.

Jinger married Jeremy Vuolo back in November, and at the time, the couple told fans that they planned on starting a family as soon as possible.

Last week, photos which some fans believe showed Jinger concealing a baby bump further fueled speculation, and now Duggar insiders have reportedly leaked the news.

Not surprisingly, sources claim the Duggars are holding back on confirming the reports so that they can make the reveal to fans on a future episode of the family’s reality show, Counting On: 

“Jinger and Jeremy are keeping the news under wraps to promote the upcoming season of Counting On,” an insider tells In Touch.

The source adds that the pregnancy may prompt Jinger and Jeremy to relocate:

“No one would be surprised if they moved back to Arkansas to be with her family.”

There’s been no official word yet from Jinger or Jeremy, but that doesn’t necessarily mean the reports are bogus.

In the past, the Duggars have gone to great lengths to conceal pregnancies and other big developments from fans until they felt the time was right.

When Jessa Duggar was pregnant with her second child, the family managed to keep the news to themselves until well into her second trimester.

No mean feat considering the amount of fan scrutiny on her every social media post.

Unfortunately, it may be quite some time before Duggar devotees find out for sure if Jinger is expecting, as Counting On isn’t scheduled to return to TLC until sometime this summer.

When asked about her pregnancy plans in a recent interview with People magazine, Jinger spoke only in the vaguest terms:

“We are just enjoying our life together,” she told the magazine.

“We will see what the Lord does.”

Some fans have noted that Jinger didn’t mention being pregnant in a recent update she posted to her family’s official blog.

Burt again, that doesn’t mean much.

The Duggars have based their empire on controlling when and how information about their personal lives is revealed.

You can be certain that if and when Jinger confirms she’s knocked up, she’ll do so on her parents’ timetable.

Watch Counting On online to get caught up in time for the season to come.

Source: celebweddings