Over the past few weeks, Jon Gosselin has been back in the news.

For all the wrong reasons.

But a new bombshell report takes these negative accusations against the former reality star to a new, gross, truly disturbing level.

First, let’s go back over what Kate Gosselin has said of late of her ex-husband.

In an interview with People Magazine in August, Kate went into detail over just how much Jon changed after the couple and their eight kids became famous.

“I really would have thought he’d have been here for the long haul,” Kate told the publication, after talking about how her son, Colin, has special needs.

“The weirdest thing is that overnight he became a different person.” 

Kate didn’t go into much detail at the time regarding Jon’s changes.

But she claims those around her saw “proof” for themselves and eventually took her side.

From there, In Touch Weekly uncovered a police report Kate filed last year in which she accused Jon of being a drug dealer.

In one report that was filed on April 24, 2015, Kate stated that “Jon is a drug dealer, who uses his disc jockey employment as a front to sell narcotics.”

If that was truly the case, it’s safe to say it was at least an effective front.

We definitely did not suspect Jon Gosselin of dealing drugs while he spun records in random establishments.

And now In Touch has followed up on this story, writing that it has obtained a police report that not only accused Jon of having kidnapped daughter Hannah when she was 10 years old…

… but also of doing God-Knows-What with her.

In the official document, Kate Gosselin told police “that she detects suspicious behavior between Jonathan and their [then] 10-year-old daughter.”

Meaning what, exactly?

What was Kate actually accusing Jon of here? Do we even want to know?!?

“Jon had no idea at the time that she accused him of having an inappropriate relationship with Hannah,” an insider tells the tabloid, adding:

“He was upset when he found out.”

Gee, ya think?!?

Far be it for us to defend Jon Gosselin. The guy seems like a total and complete douchebag.

But Kate was no saint herself during her marriage to the star and you can’t just go throwing around “suspicious behavior” accusations against the father of your children?

We never heard anything about child services investigating Jon Gosselin for any of these claims, so it doesn’t appear as if much came from them.

But sheesh! For goodness sake!

The couple does still have eight kids together. They do still have to serve as parents to these kids, some of which are already old enough to use the Internet.

How long until they Google their mom and dad and read about all the over-the-top insults and allegations that flew back and forth between the exes?

Jon and Kate got divorced in 2009. That’s seven years ago!

They really need to let the bad blood go already. 

Source: celebweddings