Kailyn Lowry is just about to pop.

Any day now — any second, really — she could give birth to her third child.

It’s exciting, isn’t it? It’s always exciting when a Teen Mom becomes a mom again.

This pregnancy is a little more interesting though, what with all of the baby daddy drama.

The father, Chris Lopez, is widely reported to be out of the picture, and so for the first time, Kailyn may be raising a baby completely on her own.

And since she became pregnant while still married to Javi Marroquin (and since she allegedly got involved with Chris while Javi still thought their marriage had a chance), it’s a little scandalous.

That’s why, as you can see in this new Teen Mom 2 sneak peek, the pregnancy reveal wasn’t exactly a happy moment.

In the clip, Kailyn is driving her oldest son, Isaac, over to Javi’s house, because he asked to spend the night there.

Which, by the way, is incredibly sweet, and it says a lot about Javi that he’s willing to take care of his ex-wife’s child, just because they built such a strong bond while he was his stepfather.

Also incredibly sweet: Isaac seriously made a math worksheet for one of his classmates because she was having a hard time.

Kailyn takes Isaac in, hugs Lincoln, who’s already there, and heads back out.

(You can spot a Christmas tree at the house, if you want a clue for the timeline here.)

When she gets back in the car and starts driving home, she takes a FaceTime call from a friend — because using FaceTime while driving sounds like the best plan.

“I have so much sh-t that I need to do tonight for tomorrow,” she complains, “but I’m so f-cking overwhelmed and frustrated right now, like I’m so tired.”

Her friend tells her “Dude, you’re so pregnant.”

Kailyn, instead of playing off the comment like a joke or dismissing it, immediately looks panicked, and she growls at her friend “I’m filming.”

The subtext, of course, being “Shut up, stupid, I’m trying to hide this pregnancy for as long as possible and you just ruined it.”

It’s an extremely awkward moment, and you can see the wheels turning for Kailyn as she tries to figure out what to do next.

It should be fun to see how it all plays out on Monday’s episode!

Until then, watch the sneak peek in the video below:

Source: celebweddings