Kate Gosselin is moving right along … without Jon Gosselin, or anybody who has negative things to say about her man, Donald Trump.  

What a lady. 

In a new interview with Extra, Kate makes it clear she is over Jon – who recently accused her of deliberately hiding their son – and his nancy-ass drama.  


About Kate’s institutionalized son, Colin, she said, “It’s a family experience that we are dealing the best we can with.”

“Everyone’s got their stuff. Another bump in the road and we’re all doing the best that we can with it.”

“I am confident he is in the best hands and receiving the best of what’s being offered for his situation.”

She continued and claimed that the hardest part was admitting that she was a jackass, and that her life wasn’t perfect.

“It’s kind of humbling when as a mom you have to admit that, ‘I am not enough for what you need.’ That’s kind of what I struggle with, but we’re moving on.”

Um, okay.  

Naturally, she had something to say about ex-husband and rumored drug dealer Jon Gosselin, and said:

“I don’t have a relationship with him – I’ve moved on. I support the kids and their relationship [with him] – some visit, some choose not to, some visit sometimes.”

“Sometimes” is pretty hard to come by when you’re actively keeping your children away from their paternal father, but we digress.

“I support them and what they want so they can be happy and whole,” she told Extra.


She also claimed that even if she hadn’t hit “the big time” with her TLC-crapshoot of a show, she would have ended up divorcing.

Are you LOLing? It’s okay; we are, too.

“All I can say is that a lot of people try to pigeonhole you and say reality TV led to [the demise of my marriage],” she revealed.

“The writing was already written on the wall.”

She adds that “I always say it [would have] ended the same way, except the world wouldn’t have known about it.

“I think that along the way, the signs were there and it’s unfortunate regardless,” Kate reasoned.

Kate also weighed in on her former Celebrity Apprentice mentor, Donald Trump, and praised him for his win.

“That’s kind of a weird thing to think about because I knew him outside of and prior to Apprentice.”

“I fully expect him to take his success in business and make our country successful,” she stated.  

“I hope that and hope that others can get behind him [because] I do know that at the heart of Donald Trump is a true and utter love of our country, and if he allows that to guide him, we will all be really happy.”

Well, you can’t win ’em all … especially if you’re Kate Gosselin, but if you’re Donald Trump, all bets are off. 

Stay ridiculous, Kate. 

Keep at it. 

Source: celebweddings