Kim Kardashian and Kanye West apparently are staying together for the kids. 

Or they’re going to try to, at the very least. 

According to the Daily Mail, the couple’s public weekend outing was more than just a show of unity and “affection” for one another:

It was a statement that things aren’t as rock-solid as some may think. 

The DM revealed that the fame-loving couple decided to attend counseling “for the sake of their kids” after putting their marriage and motivations under the microscope. 

If ever there was a time to go into therapy, now would be it, and the excuse couldn’t be better. 

Even if Kim is done with Kanye West — a thing that sources close to Kim vehemently deny — counseling for both parties for the sake of their kids is the best option. 

A healthy parent rears healthy children, after all. 

It was reported that Kim endured yet another battle — this time internal — and though reason told her the best thing to do was leave Kanye, her heart won, because she apparently still loves him. 

“They’re actually doing better,” an insider, someone who claims to be a closer, personal friend, revealed.

“It was obviously a bit tough when [Kanye’s breakdown happened] and it was confusing … but they’re doing better now.” 

“Kim is so in love with him and love can be blinding sometimes — she just adores him and the family loves him as well,” the friend continued.

“It’s a situation that she’s giving another shot, a second chance.”

The source added: “She feels he’s been under a lot of pressure, so she feels like he deserves another shot.”

First of all, a mentally ill person doesn’t “deserve another shot,” they’re mentally ill. 

They need help and counseling and caring — not to be treated like the family dog that peed on the rug one too many times. 

“They had a heart-to-heart about it and Kim is still deeply in love with him,” the friend said.  

Hard to believe, since she actually waffled about being with him after their darkest individual moments? Perhaps.

“Despite the fact that logic tells her the best thing to do would be to move on, the other side of that is that she has children with him now,” the insider continued.

“Kim told me, ‘It’s not just about me, it’s about the kids.’ So she wants to make it work.” 

For the sake of the kids. 

The loose-lipped friend of the couple claimed that the two were going to get through the hard times together. 

Kind of like, you know, how the marriage vows go. 

“She [Kim] wants them to get therapy, counseling and for them to get through this together,” the friend continued. 

“Right now, they’re both individually recovering — her from a traumatic experience and him from going crazy.”

The insider somberly concluded:

“But once they get through this and get back in shape, they’re going to do counseling to see if they can save this [their marriage] for the sake of the kids.” 

Hopefully they can just get it together period. 

All joking aside, it’s been a really rough year for Kanye and Kim. 

And hell, for all of us, really. 

Had we all known what 2016 had up its sleeve, we might well have pulled a Daylight Savings and advanced the entire damn calendar to 2017 instead. 

Source: celebweddings