Kim Kardashian received bad news on Keeping Up with the Kardashians this past Sunday night:

She cannot take the risk of getting pregnant again.

Due to health issues that played a role in Kim giving birth to children North West and Saint West, doctors advised Kim against trying for a third child on an especially emotional installment of this reality series.

But Kim better get over that development quickly.

Because she’s about to get hit with another devastating piece of personal news.

In our first sneak peek at the next all-new episode of this faltering show, we see Kim receive a phone call.

We hear her start to cry and scream to whomever is on the other line:

“Don’t scare me, please. What’s going on?”

Is there something wrong with her kids? Did her social media manager put up the wrong photo?

Nope and nope.

Instead, it’s very safe to assume that this is Kardashian’s reaction to learning that husband Kanye West just suffered some kind of mental breakdown and is being taken to the hospital.

This incident occurred just a few weeks after Kim’s robbery in Paris and led to Kanye ending up in a hospital for nine days.

He’s scarcely been seen in public or heard from since, as rumors persist about the state of his marriage.

According to most reports at the time, however, Kardashian remained by the rapper’s side as much as possible while he recovered from this self-inflicted attack.

She hasn’t spoken much to the media about it, but that doesn’t mean she has a problem exploiting what happened for reality show ratings.

Lord knows Keeping Up with the Kardashians could use some right about now.

Check out the tear-filled trailer now:

Source: celebweddings