One very good thing came out of Rachel Lindsay’s experience on The Bachelor:

She made such an impression that she was selected as the next Bachelorette, earning the distinction of the first African-American to receive this honor in the process.

But one bad thing also came out of this experience:

Lindsay was left with a broken heart.

That may seem hard to believe, based on how strong-minded and…well… normal Rachel seems.

But the reality star sat down on Friday with Ellen DeGeneres and told the comedian that she didn’t react very well when Nick Viall sent her packing.

“I was shocked,” the 31-year-old says of her rejection on The Bachelor this season, adding:

“I really thought that Nick and I had a really strong connection. I was pretty heartbroken when it happened, but I’ve moved on since then.”

Darn right she has!

Lindsay split from Viall three months ago and while she could learn who wins his heart by reading through a series of The Bachelor spoilers, it doesn’t sound as if Rachel even cares at this point.

“I guess he was looking for something else. His loss,” she tells Ellen in the following clip.

After her dismissal, Lindsay returned to work at her law firm in Dallas.

But now she’s taking a hiatus from that job to focus on her personal life.

“I really don’t have a physical type except for a great smile… I’m looking for a guy who can make me laugh,” Lindsay says below.

“I’m looking for a guy who knows exactly what he wants, who’s ambitious, ready to start a family, ready to get married, because I’m at that phase in my life.

“I’m really just looking for a guy who’s secure, confident, knows exactly what he wants.”

Check out the full interview with DeGeneres below!

Source: celebweddings