Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna have had their share of troubles over the course of their year-long relationship.

In fact, it often seems they had nothing but troubles.

Through it all, however, Rob and Blac never let their frequent arguments and obvious incompatibility interfere with what really matters…

…the profitability of their reality show, Rob & Chyna, which was recently picked up for second season.

But now, it looks like the long-hyped Rob and Blac wedding special (along with production of the show’s second season) has been put on hold eventually, due to the principal players finally realizing it would be a terrible idea for them to get married.

So what finally led Rob and Blac to the same conclusion that the rest of the world reached about a year ago?

Was it the creepiness of the fact that a marriage would mean that Rob and his sister will likely soon have the same stepson?

Did they finally open their eyes to the fact that a couple that engaged in violent drunken fights on a regular basis probably shouldn’t be making any permanent commitments?

No, apparently Rob and Blac decided to hold off for an appropriately superficial reason:

It seems Blac feels Rob is too fat to be husband material.

In fairness, sources claim the reasoning behind this decision has less to do with the troubled 29-year-old’s appearance, and more  to do with his health.

As you may recall, Rob was hospitalized following flare ups in his diabetes symptoms last month.

The incident apparently prompted to Blac to inform him that their relationship can’t proceed unless he starts taking better care of himself.

“He will not marry Blac Chyna looking like he does,” a source close to the situation tells Radar Online.

Apparently, Rob agrees with Blac’s assessment, and feels he must make his health his top priority at this point:

“The hospitalization was just a huge wake-up call and now he knows that he must lose this weight because, if not, he could die,” the insider claims.

“He has a lot of pressure on him right now and he usually turns to food to cope with it.

“Everyone in his family just wants him to be happy and he is simply not happy being overweight and unhealthy like he is.”

Of course, some of that pressure is a result of the most ill-advised business venture in the history of celebrity side-projects:

“Rob knows that if he doesn’t lose weight that his fitness company will tank,” the source says.

Yes, his health is in danger, and his relationship is on hold, but Rob wants to lose weight in order to save his fitness company.

The Kardashians, ladies and gentlemen.

Source: celebweddings