We hope you’re sitting down, Sister Wives viewers.

Because Life & Style claims that an absolute “Shocker” is about to… well… absolutely shock you.

According to this tabloid’s latest cover story, Robyn Brown has finally had it with Kody Brown and will soon be filing for divorce from the Sister Wives patriarch. 

But is this really as stunning of an announcement as the magazine wants us to believe?

For starters, we watch Sister Wives online and even on television live when it airs sometimes. We’ve all seen the TLC tension mounting.

Moreover, chatter over a Robyn and Kody split amid turmoil within the Sister Wives brood has been active for several weeks, if not months.

In late December, Radar Online wrote that Robyn had finally grown sick and tired of her role both on both the TLC reality series and in her marriage.

Therefore, that online source said, she decided to bail.

An anonymous source told the website back then:

“She is leaving the first week in January to go back to Utah with the kids and be with her family to figure out the next step in her life,” 

Except… the last time we checked, the first week of January had come and gone and Robyn remains part of the Sister Wive family.

Kody was also well aware of this divorce talk, Tweeting in response to allegations of his impending separation from Robyn two months ago:

“Not true! [Robyn] and I just went to dinner and shopping.”

That’s not the strongest denial we’ve ever heard of trouble at home, but it is true that Kody is still married to all four of his wives.

One does need to wonder, however, why tabloid cover stories of this nature continue to appear if there’s legitimately nothing behind the divorce rumors.

In this case, an insider claims Kody has melted down over his issue with Robyn, relying on a lot of “booze” and suffering “panic attacks” in the wake of many “fights.”

There’s even a “24-year old who tore” Robyn and Kody apart. Allegedly.

Does a “best friend” really “tell all” about the “house of horrors” in which the Browns reside? 

We’re not about to pay actual money for this tabloid in order to find out.

Back in November, meanwhile, various magazines claimed that Meri and Kody were the ones on the verge of a split.

Those two have seemingly been at odds ever since the very first season of Sister Wives, with Meri unhappy that Kody wanted to exchange vows with other women.

It didn’t help that Meri battled with fertility problems over the years and then it really didn’t help when Meri fell for a catfishing scheme.

“I’m working very hard not to be hopeless,” Kody said at one point during Season 11 of his relationship with Meri.

As for the other wives and their role in all this? 

Really, it’s impossible to say at this point.

As we’ve tried to document via the above photos of one tabloid cover after another, there is clearly tension within this household.

Which shouldn’t exactly come as a surprise when you’re talking about numerous wives and cameramen being around at all times.

The only question now is who will blink first, Kody or Robyn? Who will actually sign those divorce papers, or beg for another shot?

And, of course, once that happens, who will therefore get her own spinoff, which is what it’s all about, right Tarek and Christina?

Source: celebweddings