Amazing news for Teen Mom fans, and fans of great big douchebags getting what they deserve …

Amber Portwood has finally dumped Matt Baier! For real this time!

She’s recently claimed that they’d broken up, but it seemed a little suspect — the girl was super wishy-washy about the whole thing.

At one point, she said that she dumped him, but she’d be open to taking him back if he got therapy.

At another point, she called off their October wedding and their engagement, but at the time Matt was still living in her house.

So even though she’s said a few times now that she’s done with him, you can see why we’ve had a hard time believing her.

Until now, that is.

For the past several days, Amber and Matt have been filming for the new season of Marriage Boot Camp, and judging by her tweets, it hasn’t been going that well.

Earlier this week, she wrote “Crazy couple weeks and I’ve taken a few steps back in the progress I’ve made however I’m learning so much about myself through others!”

Then yesterday she tweeted “I need to get out of this house!!! Drunk bimbo with too many opinions!! This isn’t going to end well when I’m done!!! Fake.”

We don’t know who the “drunk bimbo” in question is, but it sounds like Amber’s trashy side is coming out hard in the Marriage Boot Camp environment.

When someone asked if she was OK, she replied “I’m fine but I can’t control my anger with ignorant people.”

She added “BTW I’m a narcissist and an actor supposedly… Love it.”

She’s having such a bad time that she actually said “I wish Farrah was here lol.. I would be much happier!!”

Considering that the last time Amber was in the same room with Farrah she tried to punch her and verbally assaulted her … that’s saying a lot.

“I’ve literally let this house consume me and set my anger off more than I could ever imagine!” she admitted in another tweet.

“I know my limits and I’m at the end!!!”

“I’m doing a show that I should have never agreed to do,” she added. “I’ve been taken out of my element to many times however I’ve learned a lot.”

One of the things she learned, apparently, is that Matt is the worst.

Early this morning, she tweeted at Matt to “Take all my kids pics off your dumb social media and me and you while your at it … thanks have fun at whoever’s house your at.”

She explained that it’s “been 2 days” and Matt “is already posting videos on Instagram of him at someone’s house with 50 bottles of liqueur everywhere.. it’s on.”

Matt’s deleted whatever video she’s referring to, but it seems like she broke up with him, he left the Marriage Boot Camp house two days ago, and now he’s partying somewhere.

When he tweeted about the long weekend for the Fourth of July, she replied “Long weekend of getting dumped,” along with a winky face.

She also told him “I would lawyer up sweetheart… you owe me a little bit of change. I’ll pray for you.”

Amazing, right?

Even though she’s said that they’ve broken up before, she’s never been this vicious towards him, and we are absolutely loving it.

Here’s hoping it’s not just for publicity for the show, and that even though Amber likely won’t get anywhere with any legal action, she tries anyway.

It’s high time Matt got what was coming to him.

Source: celebweddings