The Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt divorce has stunned a curious celebrity gossip world.

Everyone seems legitimately stunned that these stars are going their separate ways after two years of marriage and over a decade of sex.

Everyone, that is, except Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt themselves.

The stars may have seemed totally in love over the years, and they very likely were totally in love.

But they were also realistic about marriage and what could happen down the line, considering we just learned they signed a prenuptial agreement.

According to TMZ sources, the prenup specifically outlines which star will receive which possessions in the case of a legal break-up.

It also confirms previous reports that stated Brad and Angelina are worth an estimated $400 million between them.

The document says that Brangelina owns 12 total properties together, all of which the couple purchased either before they were married or before even started dating way back in 2004.

Seven of the properties are in Pitt’s name; two are in Jolie’s name; and three were bought together prior to vows being exchanged in 2014.

Under the basic terms of this agreement, Pitt will keep his properties and Jolie will keep hers.

The three shared properties (a vineyard in France; a very large house in New Orleans; and an apartment in New York) will be divided in a way that TMZ describes as “simple.”

So, where does the controversy come in?

Where might there be potential disagreement between Jolie and Pitt, aside from the likely ridiculous rumor that Jolie may hook up with Johnny Depp?

The kids, of course.

As previously reported, Jolie is demanding full physical custody of the couple’s six children.

Her entire basis for divorce is that Pitt is an unfit father, although specifics regarding what elicited this opinion remain hazy at best.

Multiple outlets confirm that some kind of incident took place aboard a private plane on September 14.

Was Pitt drinking? Did he verbally or even physically assault one of his kids? Those are the kinds of questions being asked at the moment.

And not just by the general public, either. The FBI is actually involved in this alleged Pitt abuse case.

Neither Jolie nor Pitt themselves have said anything about the incident in question, although Jolie did list September 15 as the date in which the pair separated.

That would be the day following whatever happened on board that airplane.

“Angelina is devastated that it has come to this, but will do everything in her power to protect her family,” an insider tells Us Weekly.

Pitt, meanwhile, is fighting for joint custody of their six kids: Maddox, 15, Pax, 12, Zahara, 11, Shiloh, 10, and twins Knox and Vivienne, 8.

Since the actress’ filing, Jolie has severed communication with Pitt, blocking “all incoming text messages and also Brad’s number,” a source previously told the same tabloid.

It’s getting pretty ugly between the mega celebrities, and that’s before any sort of custody battle really begins.

Might there actually be a video of Pitt’s reported abuse online and about to surface? We’re not sure if the Internet could survive if so.

Concludes Us Weekly in its latest rundown of the divorce fallout:

“[Pitt] is beside himself and has been crying. He was completely caught off guard and blindsided and had no idea she would do this.

“Angelina filed the court papers a minute before the courts closed on Monday night. He didn’t have a lawyer or anything.”

Source: celebweddings