Farrah Abraham is widely regarged as the most unhinged star of the Teen Mom franchise, which is really saying something, as she’s faced stiff competition over the years from the likes of the Carolina Hurricane herself, Jenelle Evans.

In many cases, people as crazy as Farrah beginning honing their batsh-t tendencies at a very early age, and it seems Farrah owes a major debt to her unabashedly bonkers mother, Debra Danielsen.

These days, we can joke about Farrah and Deb’s relationship, because they’re grownups who choose to spend time together and document it for various basic cable reality shows. 

But the mother and daughter’s relationship wasn’t always so easy to laugh at, and lately Farrah’s been going out of her way to remind us just how difficult Deb made her adolescent years.

Currently, Farrah is starring on Marriage Boot Camp alongside her troubled parents, proving that reality producers nowadays take the titles of their shows as loose suggestions.

In a preview for this week’s episode, Farrah accuses her mother of violenlty assaulting her in 2010.

Abraham says the attack was so vicious that her face was bloodied and Danielsen had to be restrained by police: 

“Police officers had a f–king gun to your head because my whole face was bleeding,” an emotional Farrah claimed during a group therapy session.

She appears to be referring to a 2010 incident in which police were called to Farrah’s home in response to an altercation:

“The victim was yelling at Danielson over the shirt throwing and Danielson grabbed her by the throat,” reads a police report from the incident.

“The victim pushed Danielson’s hand away from her. Victim stated that Danielson then hit her along the side of her head and hit her in the mouth.”

Danielsen did not confirm or deny that the incident was as ugly as Farrah described.

In addition to allegations about her mother’s abusive tendencies, Farrah has taken to claiming that her mother refuses to seek treatment for her mental illness.

Alongside Dr. Drew, Farrah publicly “diagnosed” Debra with Aspereger’s, telling a podcast audience that her mother’s refusal to acknowledge her condition has irreparably damaged their relationship.

Debra says she consulted several mental health professionals and has been assured she suffers from no such illness.

It’s impossible to know who’s telling the truth from an outsider’s perspective, but hopefully, these two will undergo some non-televised therapy together in the very near future.

Watch Teen Mom online for more of Farrah and Debra’s tumultuous relationship.

Source: celebweddings