Miley Cyrus has gone from rarely talking about her relationship with Liam Hemsworth…

… to talking VERY openly about the most personal aspect of it.

The singer appeared as a guest opposite Ellen DeGeneres this week, sitting down with the comedian to answer a few questions from a vintage issue of Cosmopolitan.

How would Miley describe her sex life with her famous Australian fiance?

Given three options from which to choose, Cyrus went with the following: A commuter trip on a Concorde jet.

“That means it’s fast,” Ellen said, just to be certain.

“Yeah. I’m good,” Cyrus replied.

She went on to joke that she only has time for quickies because she has places to be and albums to make.

But would Hemsworth really find this line of honest commentary funny?

Not many men out there would want their significant others to tell the world that they couldn’t maintain an erection for very long.

We’re just saying.

Miley and Liam, of course, have been together basically forever.

They met way back in the day on the set of The Last Song, dated for awhile, got engaged, broke up and then got back together.

They don’t often talk about the other in public, but there’s been recent chatter that the stars are secretly married.

If this is really the case, though, Cyrus wouldn’t be saying their sex life was short.

She’d be saying it’s non-existent!

(That’s a married-people-never-really-have-sex-at-all joke.)

Anyway. Click PLAY on the video below to watch Miley delve deeply into some NSFW topics with Ellen:

Source: celebweddings