On Grey’s Anatomy Season 13 Episode 1, we saw a wedding, a misunderstanding, a big fight and a couple of really big secrets exposed.

Owen and Amelia tied the knot, but when you watch Grey’s Anatomy online, you will certainly be in for more than just a joyous occasion.

There’s always plenty of drama, as we know.

True to form, Alex and Andrew got into it over a misunderstanding with Jo, who struggled when it came to being honest about her past.

Meredith Grey, meanwhile, struggled with a pair of secrets, and April and Jackson seemed to be at peace after their daughter’s birth.

Picking up where the finale left off …

DeLuca was bleeding and barely conscious, en route to the hospital in dire straits, with none other than Alex accompanying him there.

Alex was evasive regarding what happened, while Meredith and Richard went over to Jo’s apartment and Mer quickly figured it out.

Meredith then gave Alex his alibi for the suspicious injuries he incurred: “You slipped in the rain. That’s how you hurt your hand.”

Later, Jo told Richard about how she told DeLuca that she’s secretly married, then argued with Alex who said he should’ve known better.

Jo then told Stephanie, who told Meredith the truth; Meredith, amid all the lies and rumors, later explained the misunderstanding to Alex.

Alex tried to apologize to DeLuca, but the injured doctor freaked out and screamed; Karev then turned himself in to the police and was jailed.

Mer went and bailed him out, good friend that she is.

Prior to this … Owen and Amelia’s wedding!

Meredith told Riggs, who was trying to get her to leave with him, that they had a problem, but they quickly left – to deal with Jo’s call.

Maggie questioned herself, chasing after Riggs when DeLuca was there all along. It’s a situation that many of us struggle with at times.

How did all that get resolved? Not how you’d expect.

Follow the links above to watch the episode in full to see how everything played out for those characters, as well as poor April Kepner.

April woke up to see Jackson’s mother, Katherine Avery, holding her baby girl, Harriet (named for Tubman, but also Harriet the Spy).

In case you were wondering about the former couple’s relationship status, Jackson revealed that the baby would share their last names, 

Kepner-Avery. Hyphenated right down the middle.

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