Kim Kardashian is now a mother of three.

But the former sex tape producer is getting bashed left and right these days for being the owner of two.

Two boobs, that is, in case it somehow wasn’t clear.

Last week, Kardashian returned to her famously topless ways by sharing a photo of herself without a shirt on.

This isn’t exactly a groundbreaking development, we know.

Kim has posed for most shirtless pictures than Justin Bieber and LeBron James combined — and yet the latest snapshot stood out for one clear and, according to critics, inappropriate reason:

It was snapped by North West.

Yes, that North West.

We’re referring to Kim’s four-year old daughter North West, to whom Kardashian gave photo credit for the following racy image:

It doesn’t exactly seem like this was an accident, either.

Kim didn’t just turn around while getting dressed and, whoops!, there’s little North with a camera.

Nope. As you can see above, Kim has her bra pulled down and her hands placed over her nipples, as she poses in the kind of seductive manner she made famous for years on social media and in various magazines.

Only this time, instead of an adult professional behind the camera, it’s her toddler daughter.

Sort of weird, right?

YES, says Piers Morgan.

Tweeted the opinionated British TV host in reply to this scandalous picture:

“Kim Kardashian now posting topless photos of herself taken by her 4-year-old daughter. Pathetic and creepy.”

Morgan isn’t the only celebrity to react VERY poorly to Kardashian’s most recent lewd snapshot.

The hosts of The View all agreed Friday that the photo is “tacky and wrong.”

Heck, guest panelist Nancy Grace even went as far to allege that child services would be paying Kim a visit if not for her stardom.

That, of course, is totally unfair and absurd.

Say what you want about Kim’s often-naked ways, but there’s no reason to doubt that she’s a terrific, loving mother.

Piers Morgan, meanwhile, has long been a Kardashian hater.

He was even included on her enemies list earlier this year, as Kim oddly sent out samples of her latest fragrances to various stars with whom she has beefed over the years.

“I’m in there with Sharon Osbourne, Taylor Swift and there I am, the only male representative,” Morgan said shortly after receiving his quasi gift, adding:

“I’ll be sent one of her perfumes in a giant chocolate box… I’m actually quite relived. The chocolate will probably overpower the smell of the scent.”

Morgan also went as far recently as to link Kim with the ongoing #MeToo and #TimesUp movements, in a negative sense.

“She’s like, ‘Ay, look at me. Look at me. Me Too. Times Up.’ Time should be up for Mrs. Kardashian,” he said, adding:

“I don’t know what she adds to the movement really. The only thing moving is her breasts.”

That’s a weird way to couch his criticism.

Not as weird as having your four-year old child snap a staged photograph of you topless in the bathroom, of course.

But weird nonetheless.

Source: celebweddings