Sure, Kylie Jenner and Travis have been dating for just a few weeks.

And yes, Travis banged Kylie’s sister, Kendall Jenner, and he reportedly has no qualms about comparing their “performances.” 

And as many have pointed out, it’s only been about three months since Kylie broke up with Tyga, and it’s a little troubling that she rushed right into a relationship with another D-list rapper.

But young love knows no logic.

So while there’s hopefully no truth behind the rumors that Kylie and Travis have secretly gotten married, we wouldn’t be terribly shocked if the reports turned out to be true.

Yes, Life & Style is claiming that Kylie and Travis are hitched, and that the 19-year-old model/entrepreneur/lip-haver will make the big reveal on her upcoming E! reality series.

“Kylie and Travis tied the knot at her Calabasas mansion,” a source reveals.

“It wasn’t a big, glamorous affair like other Kardashian weddings, and only a few close friends were invited. But Kylie is crazy about Travis.”

“There were no official E! cameras there, but Kylie asked her friends to film the special moment on their iPhones. She plans to use the footage on her new show,” the insider adds.

Yes, it’s possible that one of the first episodes of Life of Kylie will be a wedding special.

We imagine that will also be one of the last episodes, because Kylie’s teenage fans want a fun show about a 19-year-old millionaire living it up with her friends, not a sad docu-drama about naive child brides.

It’s not hard to see what Travis gets out of the situation:

“[She’s] spent thousands of dollars on new jewelry and designer clothes [for him]. She also buys him nice dinners and has promised him exotic vacations,” says one 

As for how Kylie benefits from the situation? Well, that’s a little less obvious …

“It’s a big ass house and Kylie honestly doesn’t want to be there alone with her dogs. She would be too scared. She wants to feel protected and secure and Travis provides that,” says the source, adding:

“Besides, she wants someone to keep her warm at night and to tell her how beautiful she is in the morning. And the only man she wants to make her feel that way and tell her that is Travis.”

Call us crazy, but we feel like it wouldn’t be that hard to find another dude who’s willing to take on the task of having sex with and receiving lavish gifts from Kylie Jenner in exchange for the occasional compliment.

Maybe she just needs to hop on LinkedIn, or something.

Source: celebweddings