We wish Nick Viall and Vanessa Grimaldi the best, but after seeing their palpable lack of chemistry after The Bachelor finale last night.

It’s no wonder that many members of Bachelor Nation were sticking a fork in the engaged couple’s relationship within about 45 minutes.

Just as The Bachelor spoilers told us would happen for months, Viall got down on one knee and proposed to Grimaldi, who said yes.

Viall said what fans were thinking the moment he locked eyes with the Canadian special ed teacher for the first time: “Wow. That’s a keeper.”

“I think most people who get engaged, there’s a lot of great, exciting anticipation and for me that was a very emotional roller coaster.”

“Once I saw Vanessa, I kind of calmed my nerves. It was that moment where I had clarity, … a feeling of knowing I made the right decision.”

“It was all worth it! All the tears and all the ups and downs, it kind of just felt like, finally I got to the place that I hoped to get to.” 

“While I certainly had my fears, I still followed my heart and put myself at risk … I’m glad I did. This one right here, she made it easy.”

The easy part is over, though, and now comes the hard part – real life, as the couple is forced to exist in a world outside of The Bachelor.

Let’s just say their debut didn’t fill fans with confidence.

There was nothing easy about watching the engaged couple’s awkward interactions during The Bachelor: After the Final Rose special.

Many franchise alums and fans alike live-tweeted the show and several expressed skepticism when it came to the duo’s future together.

Former Bachelor Sean Lowe hilariously wrote, “What’s the winner going to do with her time this summer while Nick is filming BIP?”

Nick, of course, was on Bachelor in Paradise last year.

Sean’s wife Catherine Giudici said that “This is so real it’s kinda depressing,” while Bachelor alumna Jade Roper Tolbert added:

“The vibe of the whole room at After the Final Rose right now is so serious and strange feeling. No? #TheBachelorFinale”

J.P. Rosenbaum, who won Ashley Hebert’s season of The Bachelorette and later married her, tweeted, “Wtf is going on?”

“This is all making me very uncomfortable. #fakenews?”

Trista Sutter, the OG Bachelorette star, had this to say:

“I am always hopeful for happy endings, especially when it comes to my #bachelornation family, but @VanessaGrimaldi doesn’t seem happy?”

Viewers at home were equally weirded out by it all.

Nick and Vanessa’s palpable lack of chemistry made one fan write, “I can only hope that one day me and my fiancé look exactly like this.”

Another was in tears … LOLing: “I literally can’t stop laughing they hate each other so much #TheBachelorFinale #AfterTheFinalRose”

“Honestly watching Nick sitting next to Raven, the girl he publically dumped, was less awkward than him with Vanessa,” added another.

(Raven Gates is headed to Paradise, incidentally.)

One viewer remarked that Nick and Vanessa’s interview “reminds me of when Katniss and Peeta had to pretend they were in love on TV.”

“If you look up miserable in the dictionary I’m pretty sure this would be the picture,” added another, with this hilarious side-by-side pic:

Plenty of fans were on Team Raven Gates, Nick’s runner-up who conducted herself with such class … and maybe have dodged a bullet.

One wrote, in reference to her final quote: “Nick: ‘I’m gonna miss you.’ Raven: ‘I know.’ He looks devastated, and she is glowing. Atta girl #teamraven”

Raven, another Twitter user weighed in, “is happier being dumped than Vanessa is engaged #TheBachelor #TheBachelorFinale”

Maybe we’re reading too much into this, though.

It was, after all, one sit-down, in an unusual (and live) situation. But you have to admit, the vibe in that room was far from upbeat last night.

When they discussed the possibility of marriage, calling them “cautiously optimistic” would be the best possible spin you could put on it.

Next up for the obviously over-the-moon couple?

Viall is set to appear on ABC’s Dancing with the Stars with Peta Murgatroyd, while Vanessa moves to L.A. which she doesn’t want to do.

Awesome! Tell us how this is going to play out:

Nick and Vanessa: Will it last?

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