Nick Viall chose Vanessa Grimaldi as the woman he wanted to spend the rest of his fifteen minutes of fame with, but does that mean they’re going forward with a televised wedding?

Surprisingly, it seems like there’s a possibility the duo could keep their wedding behind closed doors and well away from the reality TV cameras. 

Nick opened up to Mario Lopez about the potential wedding and the fact that a lot of Bachelor Nation couples don’t make it down the aisle. 

“There’s always a possibility. The thing about the wedding shows is that there’s a lot of Bachelor engaged couples — they don’t always do weddings.”

It’s very true, but also pretty refreshing that they are not rushing into things. It would be easy to plan the wedding and have it completed swiftly, but the couple wants to ensure they are in their relationship for the right reasons. 

“Vanessa and I are just focused on our relationship — when we decide it’s time for us to take that next step, we’re just going to plan a wedding, and if the show wants us, great, and if not … We’re not really focused on whether it’s going to be televised or not.”

His comments definitely leave hope for the wedding to be televised, but it kind of makes us think he’s saying if the opportunity arises, and the timing is right, he will do it. 

Nick has become a staple of ABC’s reality TV slate, appearing on two seasons of The Bachelorette, one season of The Bachelor and one season of Dancing With the Stars. 

Now, there have been rumors that Nick and Vanessa’s relationship had already hit the rocks, but Nick’s comments should help shut the naysayers up. 

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